THE ART OF PIXEL SENSEI Beautiful pixel animation character

Famous Characters

Animation that had been used for many years have also produced some famous characters that are known worldwide. They have become popular as they were creatively produced and also made so that it could be for the general public. It does not target only a specific audience but it has a wide audience that could attract anyone even those who do not like it the first time. From the ones that are perceived as only for children to the ones that were admired and others are new into the animation world.

Many people already know the Donald Duck character and it is one that has been loved by many children. Mickey Mouse is also one character that will appear if you will make your search for animated characters. There is also tweety and surely no one will miss Goku and many anime characters.There is also Lilo in the Lilo and the Stitch and also Maleficent and Mr. Fox. There is also scar in the Lion King movie. They are characters that act as the hero or the villain.

If you will recall Jack Skellington in the Nightmare Before Christmas then you surely know that he should also be on the list. If you had not watch then now you have a list of titles to watch. There are many more characters and you may also know more. It is a good thing to be able to watch again movies you have watched before. You can try and see the differences.