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The process of 3D animation

One of the interesting things that people could appreciate even if they are of different ages is the animation. The animation is one of the results of technology that have emerged. It is one that has started long ago and is now being developed that is why there are also types of animation. There is […]

Handsome Actors who Played the Role as Superhero

Most women would look for their Knight in Shining Armor also known as Superheroes. But, do superheroes really exist in real life? The superheroes in movies were just made by the creative imagination of writers and movie producers. Anyway, this article is all about the handsome actors who played the role of a superhero. Spider man is a […]

10 Handsome Disney Animated Movie Characters

For teenagers who are in an age where they are easily attracted to someone, they should watch some of the Disney’s animated movies. There are handsome male characters who are very attractive. They may not exist in real life but they are truly attractive and charming.  If you watch the animated movie Snow White, you probably noticed Prince Phillip. […]

The Art of Drawing Animated Characters

Everyone can actually draw. Is there someone who would say that he can’t? Drawing can be both a talent and a skill. It has been believed that a talent is something that is inherited from one or both parents. And a skill is something that is learned. These things are true. It is the same […]

Wonderful Animated Disney Songs to Listen

Animated movies are not only popular because of the story and the characters. Viewers attention are also caught by the wonderful background music of the movie. And in today’s article, listen once again to the wonderful animated Disney songs that allows you to imagine and remember each scene in that animated movie. The song “Under the Sea” in the […]

Amazing People who Look Like Disney Princesses

Have you ever thought of imitating your favorite Disney princess? If you are that desperate to look like one of the famous Disney princesses, then prepare a large amount of money for a plastic surgery. In fact, there were people who actually did that. They willingly spend their money in order to be transformed into a princess-like […]

Disney’s 10 Sweet Couples with Bad Encounter at First

Why do many want to watch Disney movies? You are probably one of those who have Disney collections at home from CD’s to wallpapers and so on. Teenagers surely enjoy watching animated movies especially if it is a love story. And in most of Disney’s animated movies, there are sweet couples who had a bad encounter at first yet they […]

Moving on from infographics to gifographics

  The use of infographics is vital to many as it is the tool that they use to be able to present a result of a study or research. The powerpoint method was made better as just presenting it per slide. Now the use of infographics will give the overview and the details and even […]

7 Animated Movies of the 20th Century

If you are bored at home, you can look for movies to watch. There are movies with various genres. And among them, animated movie is one of the interesting movies to watch. You can choose comedy, action, or about a love story. Any genre of movie that you want is also available in animated series. Watching animated movies even if you […]

The World’s Best Disney Animated Movies of the 19th Century

There have been countless animated movies that was released and shown around the world. If you are just bored at home and you seem to look for something that will help you get rid of your boredom, you can choose from the world’s best Disney animated movies of all time. Some of them will be mentioned in this […]