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5 Types Of Animation

Animation has already its types as it is being continually improved so it could produce another level of animation results. The animation is one that still amazes everyone. Even if there are already many who know how to do it but there are still its effect that leaves many people in admiration. It is one that should be appreciated because it really brings joy and fun to something. It creates a joy when it is in action. Sometimes it is expensive because of the time and effort and the tools needed to produce a project.

Let us know those different types beginning with its start that is the traditional animation which is drawn by the hand. It is also called 2D or cel animation. The animator will draw every frame of the sequence of the animation. This was done when the animation is being started in Disney. The second type is the 2D animation that is also being used to call the traditional animation. This 2D animation which is based on the vector is the one that uses the technique of traditional animation but by computer.

The third type is the 3D Animation which totally uses the computer to produce the result or outcome. They use also the CGI technology. There are many movies that have been already produced that have used this animation. It is still being used today. The fourth type is the motion graphics and the fifth type is the stop-motion which is being actively used.